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Limits and Liabilities

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Match Results

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Winners are responsible for checking whether they have won.


In the event that there is a discrepancy between the numbers that a Player believes that they have entered, or the graphic display of the game they have played, and those in the database maintained by 2211HOCK, the numbers in the database are considered valid. The responsibility for checking the details of any entry for any games rests with the Player at the time that the entry is made during check out and/or submission of bets.

Bets entered after the official starting time of individual draws will not be considered valid and will be deemed void unless specified.

We do not entertain late submission of bets or any errors caused during last minutes entry of bets.

We do not entertain any requests, objections, refunds or changes of bets due to human negligence or errors caused by players.

Ordinary Payout Table
Prize Big Small
First 4,000 3,000
Second 2,000 2,000
Third 1,000 1,000
Starter 500  
Consolation 150  

IBet Payout Table
Prize Bet Type 4 Different Digits (1234) 2 Same Digits (1123) 2 Pairs (1122) 3 Same Digits (1112)
First Big 166 333 666 1,000
Small 125 250 500 750
Second Big 83 166 333 500
Small 83 166 333 500
Third Big 41 83 166 250
Small 41 83 166 250
Starter Big 20 41 83 125
Consolation Big 6 12 25 37